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May 22, 2024

Opening Day of the 2024 Season!

Museum Expansion Updates!

It has been an exciting time at the museum campus, and we are eagerly awaiting our grand opening of the Graham Center and exhibit redesign on Saturday, June 8th! There has been a lot of work being done around here. The week of May 6 through 10th was tiling week! It's rather hard to believe how much ground was covered in just 5 days! These gorgeous tiles were a perfect compliment to the wood and cabinets chosen for the break room!

On the second floor, the Norton murals are looking beautiful, and installation is nearly complete! The staircase is almost completely in, and the main bedroom fireplace has also been installed. We love how it looks!

Exhibit Redesign!

We have also been hard at work redesigning our exhibition spaces inside both the Webb and Church House. It's hard to recognize where we are at times, but it will be far clearer in the near future. These blank walls will soon be covered in wall wraps that are the results of months of work, conversations, research, and email exchanges between many people. They serve as a backdrop for the future interior design, allowing these individuals to infuse their hard work into this space.

The Portrait Room

The Invention Room

The Church House

Rufus Porter in Poetry

Be Active

Be active - be active

Find something to do

in digging a clam-bank

or tapping a shoe.

Don't stop at the corners,

to drag out a day

Be active - be active

and work while you may.

You'll live and be happy

and never complain,

of the blue or the dumps

or a heavy dull brain.

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