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April 4, 2024

Staircase installation has begun, murals to follow!


Construction is moving forward at a rapid pace. Lighting has been installed, the second floor wood flooring has been finished, fixtures have gone into the bathrooms, and landscaping has begun.

By far the most exciting development this week was the arrival of David Ottinger and Tony Castro with the first artifacts from the house in Baldwin where the Norton murals were removed from. It was a phenomenal sight to see the old banister laying with the new banister. Very soon the murals will be moved in!

To our delight, within the first two days of the week the original stair case had already been partially installed. Like pieces of a puzzle it all fit together, almost perfectly. The smaller of the murals were moved in as well. This is truly an amazing sight to behold.


On Wednesday, April 24th at 7:00 p.m. Polly Forcier will present a virtual lecture on Historic Stencils from 1790-1840+. Beginning with “Border Wall Stencils” from c.1790-c.1820, she will then discuss all-over wall stencils in imitation of wallpaper. She will go on to discuss the stencils used in the Rufus Porter School of Wall Stencil Murals. She will end with a brief "how to" on stenciling. 



I Love a Laugh

I love a laugh, a wild, gay laugh,

Fresh from the fount of feeling,

That speaks a heart enshrined within,

Its joy revealing.


I love a laugh—a wild, gay laugh;

Oh! who would always sorrow,

And wear a sad and mournful face,

And fear the morrow!


I love a laugh; it cheers the heart

Of age, bowed down by sadness,

To hear the music in the tones

Of childhood’s gladness.


I love a laugh; this world would be

At best a dreary dwelling,

If heart could never speak to heart,

Its pleasures telling.


Then frown not at a wild, gay laugh,

Or chide the merry hearted—

A cheerful heart and smiling face

Can ne’er be parted.

Scientific American, vol. 2, no. 28 (April 3, 1847)

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